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*Will the paint crack? No. all sneakers done are properly prepped, and will not chip crack or fade under normal wear.

*How long does the process take? From the time i get the sneaker, the job will be done within 2 weeks. Alot of times sooner but 2 weeks will be more than likely the longest amount of time.

*Do i provide the sneaker? Most of the time i provide the sneaker, but you can sent them to me also. If you do choose to send, sneakers must be aulthentic and brand new.

*How much does it cost to get something done? Prices depend on the hours being put in the job. Also  the difficulty of the job being done. Most of the time it ranges from $200-$400 with sneaker included.

*What kind of payment do you take? Paypal and money order

*How are the sneakers shipped? When shipping sneakers, they will always be double boxed, insured, and sent with a tracking number.

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